Fair Use Policy

This fair use policy applies to all content residing on the domain MikeOplinger.com

  1. You are allowed to quote and reference work on this site (MikeOplinger.com) for the purpose of commentary and criticism as long as it is non-inflammatory or defaming.
  2. Any comment, article, blog post, or social media post must include a link to either the post or page being referenced or the homepage (MikeOplinger.com).
  3. Summarizing and quoting a few lines of text are acceptable, provided that the party summarizing or quoting from this site (MikeOplinger.com) provides a link along with the summary or quote to the original work they are pulling from.
  4. Copying and republishing anything on this site (MikeOplinger.com) is not allowed without the site owners (Mike Oplinger) expressed written permission.  Permission will be granted on a case by case basis.  You can request permission on the contact page through the contact form.  When requesting permission to use content from this site (MikeOplinger.com) please include the following:
  • Your name
  • A valid email
  • A link to the site you plan to use the content on.
  • Your reason for wishing to use the content.

This policy is current as of 6/20/2022